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Professor of Psychiatry

Ede Frecska is Chairman of the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Debrecen, Hungary. He received his medical degree in 1977 from the Semmelweis University in Hungary. He then earned qualifications as certified psychologist from the Department of Psychology at Eötvös Lóránd University in Budapest. Dr. Frecska completed his residency training in Psychiatry both in Hungary (1986) and in the United States (1992). He is a qualified psychopharmacologist (1987) of international merit with 17 years of clinical and research experience in the United States. During his early academic years, Dr. Frecska’s studies were devoted to research on schizophrenia and affective illness. He published more than 75 scientific papers and book chapters on these topics. In his recent research he is engaged in studies on psychointegrator plants and techniques. He is particularly interested in the physiological role of endohallucinogen compounds (DMT, 5MeO-DMT, and bufotenin). Dr. Frecska is a member of several professional organizations (APA, ECNP, CINP), and has received grants and awards from a variety of sources (NARSAD, NIAA).