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Psycholytic Therapist

Friederike Meckel trained as a medical doctor and a medical psychotherapist in Germany. From 1989-1991 she trained as a Holotropic Breathwork© facilitator with Prof. Stanislav Grof in the US. She also trained as a couples therapist, a family therapist and a family-constellation-worker. After receiving her license for psychotherapy in 1997, she worked in her own private (psychotherapeutic) practice providing psychotherapy, Holotropic Breathwork©-groups and systemic-family-constellation work. For nearly ten years she offered substance-supported therapy, working underground. Being retired now she still offers some private psychological counselling in Zürich. Her book „Therapy with Substance“ was published in 2015. She is an advocate of therapy changing the believe-system and the attitudes. Having occupied herself with trauma related phenomena, she is a reminder of the indivisible unity of body, mind and soul on the way to the healed, healthy authentic personality.

Her talk will consider the trauma-related phenomena showing up during substance-supported sessions, pointing out the must of professional assistance. Her credo is „everyday spirituality“.