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Professor of Educational Psychology

Tom is author of The Psychedelic Future of the Mind and Psychedelic Horizons, editor of Spiritual Growth with Entheogens, co-editor of The Psychedelic Policy Quagmire, and of Psychedelic Medicine plus several hundred articles, chapters, and book reviews.

AB Hamilton College, MA University of Connecticut, PhD Stanford, Roberts is an emeritus professor of educational psychology at Northern Illinois University.

He likes starting things. He is a founding member of MAPS, co-founder of the Council on Spiritual Practices and of the International Transpersonal Association. In 1984, he wrote the first letter to the United States Drug Enforcement Administration requesting hearings on the scheduling of MDMA. Started in 1981 and taught through 2013, he taught Foundations of Psychedelic Studies primarily as an Honors Program Seminar. It is the world’s first university-cataloged psychedelics course. For the first Basel conference in 2006, he originated Rising Researchers sessions.

His current life project is trying to convince the humanities, social sciences, and religion that psychedelics can profoundly enrich their disciplines. To this end, he formulated Multistate Theory and coined the words mindapps, neurosingularity, metaintelligence, ideagen, and singlestate fallacy. But he expects that originating the celebration of Bicycle Day will be his most-known life contribution.