Aimée Tollan
Director of Breaking Convention

Aimee has been involved in the psychedelic community for over a decade. Within her role as Director, she curates the academic program, manages the social media, hosts the smaller lecture series that happens outside of the main conference and holds the role of Treasurer. She is also the lead editor on the 2021 Breaking Convention edited collection of essays that gets published before each conference.

Aside from her role at Breaking Convention, she is also the director of screening at The Synthesis Institute where she manages the screening team, who ensure the safety of every retreat attendee by assessing the possible contraindications with psilocybin truffles depending on the clients' histories of their mental and physical health.

Aimee holds a BSc in Anthropology from The University of Kent, and an MSc in Psychology from The University of Greenwich, where she was also president of The University of Greenwich Psychedelic Society. She has conducted research into drug policy, and the cannabis-induced altered state of consciousness. She currently resides in East London.