Andrew Gallimore
Computational neurobiologist

For the neurobiology symposium:

Alien Information Theory – Using the Neuroscience of Information to Understand the Reality-switching Effects of DMT

Whether you believe that DMT merely elicits highly complex hallucinations or somehow grants admission to autonomous worlds existing beyond the confines of our Universe, its effects are astonishing in their complexity and power. Although the realms DMT users find themselves tumbling into are ineffably strange and about as far from the everyday world as it’s possible to stray, the DMT space and the normal waking world are unified by their fundamental nature as emergent patterns of information represented by the brain.

Using the neuroscience of information, I will show how the structure of one’s subjective world – whether awake, dreaming, or during a breakthrough DMT trip – can be explained as a complex emergent pattern of information distributed across, and unified by, the activity of the cortical system. I will then use this basic model to explain the effects of psychedelic drugs in general, before discussing how DMT is able to switch the brain’s “reality channel”, hurling the tripper into the bizarre hyperdimensional realms experienced as the DMT space. Only then can we begin to speculate on whether the DMT worlds are more than mere hallucination...

For the DMT symposium:

Towards a DMaTrix Machine – Developing DMT as a Technology for Communication with Interdimensional Alien Intelligences

If we are to take seriously the idea that DMT grants access to alternate realities populated by conscious intelligent beings, and if we wish to establish and maintain stable communication with these entities, we need to develop DMT as a technology fit for purpose. The most popular modes of administration of purified DMT – vaporisation in a glass pipe or modified e-cigarette or bolus IV injection – are efficient but deliver an extremely time-limited journey into the DMT space. This often frustrates the voyager by dragging them out of the space just as it begins to stabilize and before stable bipartite communication with intelligences can be initiated.

I will discuss how we can move beyond the glass pipe and bolus injection and explore 21st century techniques for extending the DMT state from the order of minutes to the order of hours or even days. Repurposing techniques from modern anaesthesiology, I will explain how target-controlled intravenous infusion can be used to reach and maintain a stable concentration of DMT in the brain over extended periods, allowing a subject to be brought into the DMT space and held there for a theoretically unlimited period of time. In the future, I envisage a DMaTrix machine beside which an individual will lie down and insert a canula, input a desired journey time, and set off for the universe next door.

Dr. Andrew Gallimore is a computational neurobiologist, pharmacologist, chemist, and writer who has been interested in the neural basis of psychedelic drug action for many years and is the author of a number of articles and research papers on the powerful psychedelic drug, N,N-dimethyltryptamine (DMT), as well as the book Alien Information Theory: Psychedelic Drug Technologies and the Cosmic Game (April 2019).

He recently collaborated with DMT pioneer Dr. Rick Strassman, author of DMT: The Spirit Molecule, to develop a pharmacokinetic model of DMT as the basis of a target-controlled intravenous infusion protocol for extended journeys in DMT space. His current interests focus on DMT as a tool for gating access to extradimensional realities and how this can be understood in terms of the neuroscience of information. He currently lives and works in Japan.