Christian Rätsch
Anthropologist, ethnopharmacologist

Plants and Flesh of the gods - How to Follow the Path of Shamans in the Digital World

Ready to explore the wisdom of these rather archaic and anachronistic terms in digital worlds? Raetsch, ethnopharmacologist and renowned author of the Encyclopedia of Psychoactive Plants, provides provocative insights, far beyond outranged old fashioned layers of the dust.

Dr Christian Rätsch, born 1957, is an anthropologist and ethnopharmacologist who did his doctoral thesis in the field of Mesoamerican Studies on magical spells used by the Lancandon-Indians of Chiapas, Mexico. He is fluent in two Mayan languages.

He is an internationally renowned authority on the subject of shamanic plants and incenses and their use in healing and rituals, and author of numerous books translated into many languages; including "Plants of Love", "Marijuana as Medicine“, "Witchcraft Medicine“ and the most comprehensive "Encyclopaedia of Psychoactive Plants“ (published by Inner Traditions, Vermont, USA).

He was a member of the board of advisors of the former "European Colleague for the Study of Consciousness" (ECSC), organising international conferences in Göttingen, Heidelberg and Basel. He lives as a freelance scientist, lecturer and author in Hamburg, Germany.