Dennis Walker
Journalist and podcaster

Psychedelics in the Age of Social Media: A Satirical Goldmine.

Social media and the rush to be relevant in the ‘psychedelic renaissance’ has created a class of overnight authorities pushing anecdotal evidence as indisputable fact and pseudoscience as objective reality. 22-year-old Tik Tok plant medicine influencers, dubiously qualified Microdosing coaches, and profit-motivated corporate carnival barkers populate our social media timelines across numerous platforms - and while they may provide turn-key satirical panache, what are the actual risks to the credibility of the psychedelic movement that they pose?

Dennis Walker is a journalist, podcaster and puppeteer who is primarily known for his satirising of the psychedelic space. He is the founder and host of the Mycopreneur Podcast, with which he has published over 100 interviews platforming underground mushroom entrepreneurs and psychedelic executives from 14 countries on 6 continents. He's written for numerous platforms and has been featured in Rolling Stone, Honeysuckle Magazine, Psychedelic Alpha, and numerous other media outlets.