Greg De Hoedt
Founder, UK Cannabis Social Clubs

Since the 2019 conference which I spoke at I have had to take a bit of a back seat in activism/campaigning due to a pending court case. I have however worked in a few new areas of the cannabis industry and have learned some new things about it that I'd like to make more known and understood. It's inspired me to make a deep dive documentary and bring a lot of the unspoken elements of the industry to the surface in the hope that it will help progress and nuance the conversation around the actual needs of patients for medical policies and what a recreational market needs in order to encourage people to stay within the legal limits - should they ever be introduced.

I'd like to give a presentation and talk about the current state of the whole cannabis industry in the UK. From hydro shops, how medical cannabis is still unknown to the general public and even cannabis consumers, the way commercial cannabis is produced in the UK, how the CBD market is being pigeon holed and narrowed down, changes in sentencing guidelines for cultivation and production, how the recreational market changed during COVID from a consumer and producer point of view, the energy crisis impacting home cultivation and how cannabis activism has been impeded by these things.