Jazmin Pirozek
Cree ethnobotanist

Entheogenic Medicine in Canada: Healing a Marginalized Population

The Legend of the Miskwedo, released by the Anishanaabeg Elder Keewadinoquay, highlights the ancestral use of the Amanita muscaria among Indigenous people surrounding the Great Lakes in North America. The legend sheds light on a tradition that has been forgotten since new medicine practices came to Turtle Island. Entheogenic medicines open our hearts to special learning, showing us how to understand medicine directly from the plants. Our brothers from Peru taught us and have helped us to heal the illnesses of our people in Canada through the Camarampi path. Little by little, the people uncover ancient teachings.

Jazmin Pirozek is a Cree Ethnobotanist and Traditional Healer. She serves Northern Ontario indigenous populations in Canada through teaching and aiding remembering of plant medicine teachings lost due to colonisation. She has written and narrated the Planetarium film “Under the same Stars: Minwaadiziwin". Her work has carried her to South America where she learns Amazonian plant medicines from Maestro Juan Flores Salazaar.

She is the founder of Maiingunanung Healing Centre in Canada and continues to study and work with Entheogens and other plant medicines to aid remediating Western drug related and food illnesses in indigenous populations.