Kirran Ahmad
Clinical research fellow

Ibogaine: Fair Trade & Indigenous Washing.

Ibogaine is currently being developed in the west as a treatment for addictions with promising results. This talk will discuss how the ibogaine industry can begin to work in reciprocity with the indigenous people of Gabon who have stewarded this medicine for centuries. It will cover the country’s recent implementation of the Nagoya protocol which is a United Nation’s policy based on benefit sharing and fair trade. In addition, ‘Indigenous Washing’ will be discussed, a newly coined term, describing the exploitation of indigenous people by industry.

Dr Ahmad is an anaesthetist with a particular expertise in pain management and acute care settings.

Dr Ahmad worked at the NHS COVID front-line in Intensive Care and provided emergency anaesthesia in South Sudan through ‘Doctors without Borders’.

With the end-goal being the development of new therapeutics, Dr Ahmad’s career focuses on applying a rigorous scientific method to psychedelic research whilst ensuring fair trade and respect towards the heritage of the indigenous communities from whom psychedelics originate.

This is executed through Dr Ahmad’s current role as a Clinical Research Fellow at Imperial’s Centre for Psychedelic Research and work with the Community Interest Company ‘Blessings of the Forest’ promoting use of fair trade ibogaine.