Marta Santuccio

Perspectival Neutral Monism and Psychedelic Experience.

Psychedelic experiences of communion with the Cosmos can lead to a profound deconstruction of Self and Reality as we know them, as an expanded realm of existence and a deep knowing of truth become embodied in the experiencer. Perspectival neutral monism posits that the stuff of the world is an infinite neutral multitude and that human experience is a limited and embodied portion of that multitude. This framework presents a shift from orthodox ontologies by introducing human limitations as a virtue of the theory and placing embodied experience at the basis of its explanation. As such it can serve as a useful tool for understanding, and thus integrating, reality-bending psychedelic experiences.

Marta Santuccio is a philosopher specialising in the metaphysics of consciousness and a contemplative embodiment facilitator. She leads journeys that blend metaphysical enquiry with experience in natural non-ordinary states to support the exploration of reality 'beyond the visible'. This provides a powerful embodiment method for preparation and integration of psychedelics states and mystical experiences, and supports the metaphysician who is interested in incorporating the use of experience into theory making. In her academic boots, she develops a stand of neutral monism, which posits that reality is a neutral multitude and places embodiment at the core of its explanation of the nature of consciousness.