The Fabric of Consciousness: Reframing the Forgotten Fundamentals.

We can zero in on punctuation, and we can look up individual words, but we cannot get away from the fact that when all the different elements combine to make a piece of media, the entity that results is greater than the sum of their parts. And this has just as much to do with the context of the text as its content. The energies and agencies that whistle round and through its finished form.

It is these invisible, influential currents that this presentation focuses on; the “making of” of the moment we change our minds. And how psychedelicising our relationships to the media we can consume can bring nuance and sophistication to some of the most fundamental aspects of the human experience. Including the effects of media on us, the way we interpret and enter altered states of consciousness, and our lived understanding of sexual consent.

Ros is the co-creator of the Semantrix Sessions — the first ever course to spotlight the coaction of language and perception in relation to psychedelic experiences. Designed with Dr. Reanne Crane and launched in September 2022, each session facilitates a deeper knowledge of psychedelic topics, instigates an enriched understanding of the use of language and celebrates all inevitably arising interconnectivity.

Ros is Breaking Convention's Press Officer and Partnerships Coordinator. Turning to drugs from an English Literature background (BA at the University of Oxford and MA at King's College, London), she has specialised in media and communications on psychedelics since 2016.

Ros has worked as the Outreach Manager for the Conservative Drug Policy Reform Group where she co-authored research, including Making UK Drug Policy a Success: Reforming the Policymaking Process (December 2021). She has also coordinated coverage and events for organisations including the Psychedelic Press, the Beckley Foundation, the Berlin Psychedelic Salon and student harm reduction collective