Thomas Hatsis

Deconstructing the Mushroom Legend

In this talk, Hatsis will discuss why psychenauts have reason to doubt the supposed mushroom in Christian art hypothesis. By uncovering the true stories behind some of the most popular supposed "mushroom tree" images, Hatsis will show how easily we can trick ourselves into seeing mushrooms where there aren't any. From the famous Plaincourault fresco to early 20th century holiday cards featuring the amanita muscariamushroom, Hatsis will outline the naturalistic explanations for these images - all of which preclude secret mushroom cover-ups. As psychedelics find acceptance more and more in mainstream Western culture, Hatsis feels it is important to discard any dated and mistaken ideas about psychedelic history.

Thomas Hatsis is an author, public speaker, and historian of psychedelic history. His books include The Witches' Ointment: The Secret History of Psychedelic Magic; Psychedelic Mystery Traditions: Spirit Plants, Magical Practices, Ecstatic States; and Microdosing Magic: A Psychedelic Spellbook. He has several articles published in Psychedelic Press UK, and has appeared on the GaiamTV shows Open Minds with Regina Meredith and Psychedelica.