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Sensory Solutions Herbal Evolution is an arts and health-education, Community Interest Company run by the Seed SistAs, Fiona, Karen and Belle. We promote empowerment, autonomy, freedom, health, and diversity through teaching about plant medicine.

All our Herbal Medicine courses, publications, talks and tours promote the aims of the CIC: to educate about and promote the growing and use of herbal medicine. We combine medical training and years of clinical experience with our love of creativity and plants to put herbal medicine back where it belongs: in your hands.


Over 20 years of practice, we have developed our own style and structure of healing which encompasses many art forms but is always centered on the herbs. One of our main focuses is sharing this practice through teaching the art of herbal medicine in our workshops and on the Sensory Herb Apprenticeship.

The word ‘Sensory’ is used to describe the way we work with the plants; getting to know them through using all of our senses and intuition. We have a strong focus on physical movement, meditation, art and ritual in our practice.

Like so much in this fast paced materialistic society, it is easy to ignore the connections between a bottle on the shelf in a health food shop and a living, growing plant out in our local surroundings. Many of the herbs contained in bottles in shops come from other continents. We use local plants and aim to demystify complicated medical jargon with something accessible to all.

The Seed SistAs believe that a positive shift occurs in each person that is educated about the harvesting and utilisation of herbal medicine. A reconnection with our beautiful plants and planet ensues. That’s how we will be able to build a whole new system of healing relevant to today. A system that takes the pressure off the NHS by empowering people to treat their minor ailments with abundantly growing herbs and a system that builds healthy communities by connecting people to their local plants, to each other, good health and our beautiful Earth.